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The Nature Reserve at

Starnberg Five Lake District is worth exploring 

 in every season.


Hiking routes around the hotel and the Oster lakes


The Starnberg Five Lake District offers an incredible variety of special moments. From the play of colors that can be seen at sunset on the lakes to shady forests, huts, churches and localities.


Our recommendations starting at the hotel:


Small round trail (1.8 km, 30 minutes)

Great Frechensee round trip (5.5 km, approx. 1.5 hours)

Great Ostersee circular route (10.5 km, approx. 3 hours)


Naturschutzgebiet Osterseen General plan

City of Starnberg overview map

(with the friendly recommendation of the Pfaffenwinkel Tourism Association




Nordic Walking Park - start directly from the hotel:

Starnberg Five Lake District


23 hiking routes with a distance of over 280 kilometers:

Walkers and hikers will have a hard time deciding which route to take first. A total of more than 500 newly installed signs show varios routes  - on dirt roads, along lakeside paths, through gorges, meadows and forests. The starting points were chosen so that there is always a parking space or connection with public transport. More information here .


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